Pension Valuation

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In divorce, there are two ways that pension plans are treated.  One is to divide the plan, using a QDRO, so that the non-Participant gets a part of the marital portion of the plan at retirement time.  The other is to offset the value of the pension with other assets, typically other retirement plans or real estate, so that the Participant retains the pension and the former spouse gets other assets of equal value.  To do this, the pension plan must be valued.

A pension valuation consists of determining the net present value of the stream of retirement benefits that the Participant is expect to receive over their lifetime.  In other words, how much money would the Participant need to have in a conservative savings account today to fund the expected benefit stream for the rest of the Participant’s expected life.

We prepare pension valuations for most pension plans.  To do this, we need to know the expected benefit that has been earned to date that will be paid at full retirement age, the date of marriage, and the birthdate of the Participant.  We will also need a copy of the Plan’s Summary Plan Description.

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