Getting Started

The information we need to get started on your Qualified Domestic Relations Order (or other order to divide a retirement plan) is:

  1. Both of your names, addresses, email addresses, Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth.
  2. The Name of the Court where your petition is filed, and your case number.
  3. Your date of marriage and date of divorce (or expected date of divorce).
  4. A copy of an account statement of the retirement plan, so that we can see the exact name of the plan and the account number.
  5. A copy of your separation agreement or court order specifying how the retirement plan will be divided.
  6. If your attorneys are still representing you, we will need their contact information, including addresses and email addresses.

For pension plans, we will also need when you started contributing to the pension (usually the date when you started working with the employer) and the date you left employment there.

You can submit all of your personal data on our secure QDRO Information Form.

We will also need you to sign our Fee Agreement, and pay your fee.

If you have questions, please Email or phone us.

Also see “What is the QDRO Process?”